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About Us

Diana Rieger

Welcome to Love Skin Botanicals, where beauty intersects with sustainability.


Founded in 2015 by Diana J. Rieger, a licensed cosmetologist and holistic esthetician, our goal is to provide you with medical-grade skincare that is not only effective but also clean and non-toxic. We believe in the power of nature and use plant-derived, organic, and vegan ingredients that are backed by cutting-edge science and clinical research.


At Love Skin Botanicals, we are committed to sustainable practices. Our formulators prioritize natural, organic, and vegan ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers while utilizing wind and solar energy in our production processes. We believe that taking care of your skin should not come at the expense of the planet.


Join us on this journey towards healthier skin and a healthier planet. Discover the transformative power of clean beauty with Love Skin Botanicals today.

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