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I guess it is only fitting that the first blog of the LSB website be about how I came to start LSB (Love Skin Botanicals) I started LSB to fill a need I had in my office. I was using two great product lines but was still unable to find products that kept me and my clients clear of acne AND have hydrated skin. It took me around 2 years to find the labs I work with. My lab requirements are to supply as pure, natural and organic ingredients and formulas as possible while keeping costs down. I wanted potent, effective plant derived active ingredients backed by cutting edge science to create a medical grade, natural and organic skin care line. There are products for all skin types!

Let's start with what really inspired me to get serious about skin. My constant chin and nose breakouts as well as my hyperpigmentation. OMG they hurt so bad and left holes and the brown spots made me really sad. I found some great glycolic cleansers that helped clear up the break out but left me with peeling skin around my nose. Not pretty. So enter Triplex cleanser, with a healing and hydrating Aloe base, this powerhouse cleanser has naturally derived AHA's. Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acid help to exfoliate the surface to smooth and brighten, destroy bacteria and hydrate skin. This has made such a difference in my skin and so many of my clients as well. It is what I always send home to get problem skin more under control, along with dietary recommendations. Don't forget our gut talks to us through our skin. That is a different blog. ;-)

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